Saturday, 20 November 2021

Autumn colours, at last!

 The mild weather has delayed the Autumn colours in our part of Lincolnshire but, finally, they have arrived.  We had a ride around to enjoy them before the high winds, which are forecasted, remove them .

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-60mm Lumix Lens.


  1. Your excellent photographer’s eye is very evident in these photos. Each one shares identical colors but in different forms and patterns, making each one unique and beautiful. And then in #8, there is the pop of red and blue, adding interest to the whole set. I’ve studied that picture several times and it’s quite special for the details in the scene. Last, the almost silhouette like image of the couple in the final shot makes that photo the great composition that it is. Very well done post, David. Your autumn is truly lovely.

    1. Thank you Ann, the predicted strong winds have arrived combined with much lower gemperatures. We had a drive locally yesterday and the trees are losing their leaves now. Maybe we'll get some snow soon? We haven't had much since 2017. 😊

    2. Wow! Beautiful Autumn photos and colours, superb photography I could look at the pictures over and over again.

    3. Thanks Mike, I appreciate your comments. Yes, the colours were very good but, as I expected, the strong winds have stripped some trees of their leaves since I took these pics. Bring on the snow now!!

    4. Had to show my wife these Autumn photos, we have nothing to compare locally - I'm happy to wait a while for the snow!

    5. I hope your wife liked the photo's.

    6. Yes, she did, very much! Thanks.