Saturday 28 October 2023

Good news.

 It's just over a year since my operation for bowel cancer and today I had a colonoscopy to check if all was well and I'm very relieved to say it was.

I can relax, just like Popcorn.

Regards, David.

Saturday 21 October 2023

Recent floods.

The recent heavy rain has raised the level of the Tetney Haven, I took these pics on my phone today while out  with Popcorn.

The sluice at Tetney Lock on the Tetney Haven.

Looking inland towards the Crown & Anchor pub at Tetney Lock.
The area in the foreground is the concrete apron for maintenance people to access the sluice.

Taken on my mobile phone.

Friday 13 October 2023

Ride on a Ferris wheel.

 When I went to the Cleethorpes Armed Forces celebrations I had a ride on the Ferris Wheel and took a few photo's from it.

The Ferris wheel was situated adjacent to "The Point", an apartment block which 
can be seen on the left.

The observation tower on "The Point" mimicking the gondoliers.

Gondoliers on the wheel. 

This angle is reminiscent of the "Fighting Machines" in Jeff Waynes musical
interpretation of "The War of the Worlds".  At least in my mind.

From inside my gondolier I found it difficult to take photo's.  The Perspex windows were
a bit defused and the framework slightly obscured the views. 

This view shows the area where the entertainment stage was set up and crowds were gathering.

Back on tera firma, another look at the wheel's structure.

Taken from High Cliff (it's not very high!) with the wheel and beach beyond.

Nikon Z50 + 16 - 50 lens.

Friday 6 October 2023

Armed Forces weekend

 Cleethorpes celebrates our Armed Forces each year and has various other attractions along the promenade.

I went along the promenade the day before the main celebrations, and march, to photograph the stalls and attractions.

Central promenade and all the sideshows, stalls & attractions.

Great if you like cheese.

Eurofighter Typhoon display.

This stall caught my eye as it was just for doggy treats.

Promoting the "Red Arrows".

Super old truck, American?  I thought so as it was left hand drive.

A fairground ride.

Not many customers, this lady was waiting for some to arrive.

No idea what awaited customers in here.

Lots of dogs about, as you know I like photographing them when I'm out.

I've never liked roller coasters but might risk a ride on the "Cup & Saucer".

More dog treats.

Not impressed.

I'm a vegetarian but found this sausage stall interesting.

From within we can see the hot charcoal burner.  26 degrees in the shade
on that day by the way!

Octopus stall?  Don't know why!

There was a large Ferris Wheel on the prom and yes, I did have a ride on that.
(Pictures taken on the wheel will be in another post, this post has too many pics already.)

A stage for various performers throughout the weekend.

Local young people entertaining the visitors.

This lady videoing the performers.

And this chap.

Then he realised I was photographing him!  He was very amused, nice chap.

These two stewards amused me as they "posed" outside "The lost boys" shop.

And this young lady steward gave me a wave and a smile.

The Ferris wheel with the site for the new RNLI station on the beach.
At present all work stopped on this project as the main contractor went into liquidation.

This little dog was resting in the shade and I was amused by it's juxtaposition to that sign!

Two very different forms of transport!

The last pic looking back along the prom.

Nikon Z50 + 16 - 50 lens.