Saturday 21 October 2023

Recent floods.

The recent heavy rain has raised the level of the Tetney Haven, I took these pics on my phone today while out  with Popcorn.

The sluice at Tetney Lock on the Tetney Haven.

Looking inland towards the Crown & Anchor pub at Tetney Lock.
The area in the foreground is the concrete apron for maintenance people to access the sluice.

Taken on my mobile phone.


  1. We've had some bad flooding further south in Lincolnshire in Lincoln, Horncastle & Woodhall Spar but luckily we've escaped it along this part of the East Coast. Thanks for visiting Mike.

  2. Oh goodness, David! I've been hearing about the rains, but didn't realise you'd had flooding around your way as well. I hope there's been no damage. The water looks very red there, so I suppose a lot of mud has been churned up. Great photos, though. I hope you and Popcorn are both keeping dry!

    1. Some areas of Lincolnshire have been badly flooded but we have escaped in our area. The Tetney Haven and Louth Canal (same body of water) often reaches high levels as it drains most of the rainwater from the Wolds hills down to the coast.
      Did you get to view the video I sent you of the Louth Navigation Canal?

    2. I did, David. Thank you so much. I’m now ashamed I didn’t get back to you about it, but I remember watching it just as you stopped posting for a while, and I thought it wasn’t the best time to mention it. However, I enjoyed it very much. A fascinating video and discussion.

    3. That's OK, you did the right thing. Glad you enjoyed it. David.