Thursday 31 October 2013

Cleethorpes Walk (part One).

I had a walk around the promenade area of Cleethorpes and, as I only had one hour where my car was parked, I set myself a task of seeing just what I could could photograph in that amount of time.
All photo's taken on 29th October 2013.

Seen on a wheely bin...why?

Great 'phone, seen in a shop window.

Pier Gardens with "Ross Castle" in the BG.  It was built in 1885 by the Railway Company and named
after their secretary Edward Ross.

Taken from Ross Castle, the well known viewpoint for this scene.

A sculpture outside a guest house in Cleethorpes.

Sun balcony at a guest house.

Crazy golf on the seafront, a postcard in the style of Donald McGill!
The following is from the MailOnline-:

McGill, who was dubbed the King Of The Seaside Postcard, designed saucy classics from 1904 until 1962. His images featured fat old ladies, drunken middle-aged men, honeymooning couples and prudish vicars.

Another card in the style of McGill.

Reminiscent of early seaside holiday camps?  Not really, seen on the way down to
the Crazy Golf.

One more McGill inspired piece of art.

The final "look at life" by the seaside.

Outside the "Hawaien Eye", a place I frequented in the sixties.

Inshore Rescue headquarters.

Cleethorpes Pier.

Still a few brave souls on the beach although it was quite warm.
All photographs taken with a Panasonic G5 camera
with a 14-42mm lens (Equiv of 28-84mm in film terms).

Monday 21 October 2013

Miscellaneous Images.

St James church, known as Grimsby Minster. 

Alter, Choir and the East Window.

North Aisle
View from a Chapel through to the Alter.
 I was unable to take the usual West East interior shot as there was an exhibition taking place
with quite a lot of people mingling about.

Above images taken on a Panasonic FZ150.

The Old Mill, Hubbards Hills in Louth.

Old Mill House.

Old Mill House.

Russells Circus, recently at Cleethorpes.

The Crown & Anchor, Tetney Lock, Lincolnshire.

The old "Empire Theatre", now an amusement arcade in Cleethorpes.

The sweeping hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
These images taken on a Panasonic G5.


A few pictures from a recent re-visit to Caistor up on the top of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

I love anything red.

Architecturally very pleasing.

A few touches of red.

Lots of interest in this window.  There was much more
but I hope to show it at a later time.

Camper van spotted in Caistor, quite a character.

The two figures where on the dashboard, the dog is real though!

A lovely display in the Butter Market.

I took a similar image last year and showed it on an early posting. 
These images taken on a Panasonic G5.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Fire on the "Fitties"

We were having a walk along a stretch of the Humberston coastal path known as "The Fitties" when a grass fire broke out in the hills at the rear of Pleasure Island.  The only road out from the car park we were on was past the fire so the fire brigade and police blocked it off leaving us marooned.  We were there for about 2 hours, the only camera I had was my Canon Ixus 40.

Photographs  taken on a Canon Ixus 40 Compact.

Friday 4 October 2013

Waltham Village.

Waltham is a fairly large village in North East Lincolnshire.  It has some nice buildings and features, unfortunately on the day I visited the weather was a bit gloomy.

The High Street, Waltham.

This old cottage is a very well known in the village.  It's been recently renovated and now
needs to weather a little to get back some of the character of the old building.

The Kings Head, quite a large establishment on the High Street.

This display is at the side of the florists shop.

Waltham has a lot of horses in the surrounding area and so this establishment is well sited.

Newtons Tearooms, the cottage adjacent is Newtons Cottage, a holiday rental.

Quite a new memorial in the centre of Waltham.

This hairdressers was having a facelift and I got a cheery wave from the builder inside!

His & Hers?  A recent modernisation to an older building along Kirkgate.  I'm pleased to say
the design, although modern, is sympathetic and quite in keeping with the village. 

All Saints Church on the main road through the village as you approach the High Street. 

Looking from the High Street across the road to Kirkgate.

Waltham Library, a modern building.

As you leave the centre of the village, but still within the boundary of Waltham, is the "Waltham Windmill"
site.  The renovated 6 sailed mill is in full working order and open to the public on weekends in the
summer and Bank Holidays.  There are some specialist shops on site and a very nice tearoom in
an old railway carriage.  Special events take place on site and there is a miniature railway too.

The tearoom.

Quite a nice display on the end of the carriage.

One of the specialist shops on site.

The view from the fields showing the 6 sails.

A few old millstones left round the back of the mill.

The whole site was a bomber airfield during WW2 and this is one of the few remaining reminders from
that period.  Probably a barrack room?

The Grimsby & Cleethorpes Model Engineering Society's permanent site for their engines.  On Bank
Holidays and special events they give rides around their fairly extensive tracks.

All Photographs taken on a Panasonic G5