Thursday 31 October 2013

Cleethorpes Walk (part One).

I had a walk around the promenade area of Cleethorpes and, as I only had one hour where my car was parked, I set myself a task of seeing just what I could could photograph in that amount of time.
All photo's taken on 29th October 2013.

Seen on a wheely bin...why?

Great 'phone, seen in a shop window.

Pier Gardens with "Ross Castle" in the BG.  It was built in 1885 by the Railway Company and named
after their secretary Edward Ross.

Taken from Ross Castle, the well known viewpoint for this scene.

A sculpture outside a guest house in Cleethorpes.

Sun balcony at a guest house.

Crazy golf on the seafront, a postcard in the style of Donald McGill!
The following is from the MailOnline-:

McGill, who was dubbed the King Of The Seaside Postcard, designed saucy classics from 1904 until 1962. His images featured fat old ladies, drunken middle-aged men, honeymooning couples and prudish vicars.

Another card in the style of McGill.

Reminiscent of early seaside holiday camps?  Not really, seen on the way down to
the Crazy Golf.

One more McGill inspired piece of art.

The final "look at life" by the seaside.

Outside the "Hawaien Eye", a place I frequented in the sixties.

Inshore Rescue headquarters.

Cleethorpes Pier.

Still a few brave souls on the beach although it was quite warm.
All photographs taken with a Panasonic G5 camera
with a 14-42mm lens (Equiv of 28-84mm in film terms).

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