Saturday 25 June 2022

07 (Louth Canal Project). Fen Lane.

 The next place along the canal,  after Covenham Reservoir, is where the road crosses the canal at Fen Lane.  The dominant feature here is the wharf side warehouse, the largest on the canal before reaching Louth.

Fen Lane.

The imposing warehouse at Fen Lane, where the canal approaches from Covenham.

Some juvenile swans from the previous year.

Here we see the warehouse and the bridge carrying the road over the canal.  In the days
when the Keelboats travelled along the canal all the current fixed bridges would have 
been swing bridges.

The Crop Sprayer crossing the bridge is a reminder of Lincolnshire agriculture.

Goods would have been lifted to the various floors by block & tackle.

The loading beam is still in place above the gable front.

These days the building is only used as a large Dovecote! 

From the bridge, my customary view of the canal slowly meandering to the next point
of interest at Alvingham.  Lots more to see there.     

I liked the farm buildings and reflections here.

The road to the right of the warehouse leads to the village of Marshchapel.

A mile away from the canal is the village church at Yarbough.  It stands alone in a field
and that's all I know about it but I hope to visit it soon.  It looks like my kind of Church.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-100mm Pro lens



  1. Good to see another section of the journey. The warehouse building I presume is empty, seems a shame it can't be used for some other purpose. Though perhaps as it is near Treasure Lane there is no need.. The church looks interesting. All good wishes, hope you are enjoying some sunshine.

  2. Thanks for commenting Mike, hot but very windy here today.

  3. What a wonderful warehouse, David, and what a shame it is out of use. Surely, it could be converted into something useful to preserve it? I enjoy your trips along this canal and I'll look forward to the next one. I hope you get to the church soon.

    1. The warehouse at Thoresby Bridge is being renovated with a view to converting to holiday apartments, but no plans for this one here. Thanks for your comments, appreciated.

    2. I do hope it will be renovated at some point, David. It's a monument in its own right. I love old warehouses and of course here in NL they are much prized as apartment homes. At least that makes sure they're maintained.

  4. If I'm correct, you said that the canal is 11 miles in length and if that is so, I will be sorry to see the end of it for I am really enjoying these wonderful posts. We've been watching Great Canal Journeys on Netflix and it is fascinating to see the narrow boaters operate the gates at each lock. That is not easy work! Anyway, your pictures are beautiful and interesting and I look forward to more of your journey! I hope you have a chance to photograph more of the church.

  5. I'm hoping to go back to the church shown here when I can. I don't know if it's left unlocked, for some you have to locate the keyholder to gain access. I have a backlog of photo's taken for the blog so I may not post another Louth Canal set for a while
    I often wanted to holiday on the canals, thank you for visiting & commenting Ann, take care 😊 🐕 🐢

  6. The warehouse is a fine one David. Interesting to see its features. Shame it it all boarded up but I'm sure the doves aren't complaining ;) I too enjoy the farm building reflections. You have a great eye for detail in your pictures. Like Ann, I will be sad to see the end of these canal journey posts! Did you do your talk at your local photography club that you mentioned?

    1. I haven't given my talk yet Lulu, it's in the club program for October. Thanks for your comments, I'm pleased you're finding the project interesting. 😊 🐕 🐢