Wednesday 8 June 2022

05 & 06 (Louth Canal Project). Fire Beacon Lane and Covenham.

 I've combined the next two stages of the journey as there isn't a lot of interest about the canal at either of them.

Fire Beacon Lane.

Not a lot to see here, just these houses and farm buildings.

The canal goes on from here toward Covenham.

Covenham Reservoir.

Covenham Reservoir, located in East Lindsey is a 200-acre reservoir and treatment works constructed between 1963 and 1978 by W. & C. French. The reservoir was built next to the Louth Navigation canal and acts as a pumped storage reservoir from the canal, and can be supplemented by transfer schemes from Great Eau and Long Eau rivers.

Above information courtesy of Wikipedia.

Taken on a fisheye lens, the reservoir is like an inland sea in the Lincolnshire countryside.
It takes water from the Louth Navigation Canal.

The reservoir is used for water activities such as yachting and water ski-ing.  
Not today though.

The boatyard, members can store their boats here.

The Watersports Centre.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-100mm Pro lens & 7.5 fisheye lens.


  1. I 'm enjoying this journey, even the parts where you say there the isn't a lot of interest. The reservoir looks ideal for water sports - I like the fisheye shot. Look forward to your next post. All good wishes.

    1. Thanks Mike, as the journey progresses, there's more things of interest relating to the Canal.

  2. I am also enjoying this great series on the Canal. Always remember that there is interest in things others can't see everyday. The canal has an enduring presence and there is variation along its banks with areas to explore so I'm glad you're sharing even what you consider to be ordinary. The reservoir reminds me of what we call Ox bow lakes. They are created by changes in major river patterns over time and provide good recreational areas. Best wishes, as always!

    1. Yes, I've been around this canal for most of my life so might not see things that others appreciate, thank you Ann. There is more interest coming up soon though.
      I have all images taken now through to the eventual destination and I'm starting to put it all together for a talk (on Zoom) at my local photographic society in October. Thanks for your comments Ann, take care. 😊 🐕 🐢

  3. Interesting to see the next stretch of canal David. Great to hear that you a doing a talk at your local photographic society! The reservoir looks perfect for a dingy sail or capsize - a little less swampy than the canal water ;) x

    1. I visited the reservoir on a weekday to avoid lots of people but that also meant no water activities.