Sunday 12 June 2022

North Coates.

 North Coates is a village in Northern Lincolnshire and was home to a RAF Aerodrome which is now disused.  During WW2 it became home to various squadrons and commands including Coastal Command and was also home to a squadron of aircraft and men from the Royal Canadian Airforce.

 The airfield is now home to the North Coates Flying Club.

Another old red 'phone box, being used as a book depository.

The village enjoys a (fairly) regular bus service.

The Parish Church.

Alongside the village cemetery is an area devoted to the graves of young airmen who
died flying aircraft out of RAF North Coates during WW2.

A number of the headstones remember pilots from the
Royal Canadian Air Force.

Small thatched cottage.

An old Chapel.

Grain store at the farm.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-40 Pro lens.


  1. I enjoy seeing the churchyard. Military markers make a poignant photo and I've never seen them uniformly planted before. In national military cemeteries here there are rarely plants at all on individual graves. I believe it is ok to place temporary flowers on holidays. Your choice of photos makes the area look peaceful somehow. Last, the eggs would be considered a real bargain here!

  2. You have some lovely villages in Lincolnshire, David. I like to see churches and their cemeteries, always attracted to them for some reason. Enjoyed the photos. I believe we are promised a sunny week!

    1. Yes, sunny at last and high temperatures on Friday. Thanks for commenting.

  3. It is really interesting to see these tucked away Lincolnshire villages David. I agree with Mike, they look very lovely. I should imagine they are a lot quieter now with the reduced RAF activity?

    1. We have several WW2 RAF bases in Lincolnshire that are now closed. Thanks for your comments Lulu.