Thursday, 2 June 2022

Platinum Jubilee celebrations at North Thoresby.

 Photo's taken today, 2nd June 2022, on the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth ii.

North Thoresby Village, decorated for the Jubilee celebrations.

The village store, someone about to do some shopping?

I'm sure I've seen her somewhere before.

There's a trend around the UK just now to decorate places & things with knitted items to
celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Still a working 'phone box, someone making a call?

Ah, she's finished on the 'phone.

Well would you believe it?

More woolly decorations.

The village bus stop shelter.

Queen Elizabeth ii with Corgi?

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-100mm Pro lens.


  1. How great is that! Good to see all of the Jubilee art work - and it looks like the Queen enjoyed herself too !! Super photos, David, thanks.

  2. Thanks Mike, a case of serendipity. On our way home from walking Suzi we came across this at North Thoresby. 😊 🐕 🐢

    1. In comparison we went out this morning to our local town, for a few items, and there wasn't any mention of the Jubilee anywhere.

  3. How fun to see all of these delightful crafty tributes! Quite a colorful showing, photographed beautifully as usual. I've truly enjoyed the canal series as well, but traveling and not having much time online for a bit. Hope you and yours are well and enjoying a safe summer.

    1. Thank you Ann, the Platinum Jubilee has been really interesting & entertaining although I'm not much of a royalist. Another edition of the Canal project will be out on the blog soon, I'm pleased you're finding them of interest.
      Good to hear you are back to your summer traveling, take care and stay safe.

  4. Well Queenie does get about doesn't she!!! I hoped she managed to grab some special brew bargains on that convenience store dash ;) Loving the golden trolley. The crochet telegraph box is super fun, as is the other life size model complete with inflatable corgi :0 :) x

    1. I'm not sure if "Queenie" managed to make a call because, as we all know, she never carries cash with her! Thanks for your visit.