Friday 1 March 2013

Sunrise & Sunset in Lincolnshire

A few images taken very early and very late in the day over Lincolnshire.

Sunrise over Cleethorpes Beach. 

"Dawn Patrol", taken at the Cleethorpes Country Park.

Sunrise at the mouth of the River Humber, the structure on the horizon, bottom left,
is a WW1 fort.

Humber Bridge after the sun had sunk below the horizon, often the best time to get these lovely colours. 

Enjoying the last rays from the bridge viewing area.

Sunsets over water are always special, this is Cleethorpes pier.  Living on the east coast of England however doesn't very often allow us to enjoy the light over the water but here inside the mouth of the
Humber Estuary we can just about face west to take advantage of the situation.

Another sunset looking west over the Humber Estuary over an area known locally as "Doig's Creek".
The industrial buildings in the background are chemical process plants but, since this was taken, the
dominant one in the foreground has closed.  Sign of the times?  

Sunset over the market town of Louth, regarded as "The Gateway to the Lincolnshire Wolds".
The large spire is St. James church, supposed to have the tallest spire of any "Parish" church in
England or Wales.   The other smaller spire to the left is that of the Market Hall Clock tower.
Further away, just visible on the horizon is the Belmont TV transmitter mast.

A mixture of cameras were used for these images, Canon 300D, Panasonic DMC- FZ75 & FZ150 plus a 
few scanned slides taken on a Canon 300 film camera.

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  1. Great pictures.
    Where would you say the best place is in Lincolnshire to view the sunset?