Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Watermills, Abbeys & Churches.

Lincolnshire has many old watermills, included here are just one or two.

Old Watermill at Hubbards Hills near Louth.  Now a residential house.

The same watermill but painted by my wife Carole.

The old watermill at Donnington on Bain, taken in the Springtime.

Donnington again but this time photographed in the Autumn.

One of the best restored watermills in Lincolnshire, at Alvingham.  Once open to the public but
now a private residential property.

The Gatehouse to Thornton Abbey, near Thornton Curtis in Lincolnshre.  

A close-up of the figures above the gate at Thornton Abbey.

"Graffiti" from years gone by in the stonework in the entrance to the Abbey.

The church at Market Stainton.

Signs of Spring?

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