Sunday 29 April 2018

Some flowers from my garden.

A few days ago we had a short sunny spell (honestly!) so, quickly into the garden with my camera.



A single Polyanthus


Single Tulip

Olympus EM5ii with 12-60 Leica Lens.

Thursday 26 April 2018

Lincolnshire trees at Sunset.

Treelines over the Lincolnshire Wolds at Sunset.

Olympus EM5ii with 12-60mm Leica Lens.

Monday 23 April 2018

lincolnshire views

A few images from a day out in Lincolnshire.

Olympus EM5ii  12-60mm Leica lens.

Monday 9 April 2018

One or two more experimental "Intentional Camera Movement" Pics.

ICM pictures and, for the benefit of Ann Harris, no need to rush to Specsavers (other Opticians are available), your eyes are fine.

Spring Daffs.

Grandson Sam with my dog Suzi.....don't know who the lurking woman is in the B/G!

Beach huts at Cleethorpes.

Olympus EM10ii with 9-18mm Mzuiko zoom lens.

Signs of Spring?

Although the Daffs might indicate that Spring is here, it's still blinking cold out there!!

Roadside display of Daffs on Taylors Avenue, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire.

Right in amongst the Daffs was this little Spring bulb, don't know it's name but
I'm sure someone else will know it.

Olympus EM10ii with 9-18 Mzuiko zoom lens.