Saturday 27 January 2024

International Market at Cleethorpes.

 In the months after I lost my wife I spent as much time as I could out of the house, walking with Popcorn and taking photographs.  I have a lot of photo's from those times and will post them over the winter.

Each year Cleethorpes hosts an International Market with stalls from countries around the world selling mostly food items mixed with craft items.  The market was on our South Promenade for three weeks last August.

South Promenade on a grey August evening.

This stall sold Churros but I don't know what country they're from. 

Obviously these are from France.

Although most stall holders were ok about me taking photo's this one looked a bit unsure.

I think this one was selling "slush" but I'm not sure.

Stalls came from all over the world and there were a lots of different nationalities 
in the people visiting.

This one sold all manner of toys and beaded goods.

Paella from Spain.

General clothing.

This stallholder was constantly on his phone, he sold some lovely, intricate bead wares.

And also these mini bikes.

At this pointy I could see a storm coming from across the water so decided to head for the car.

I particularly liked this couple with their young daughter.  I pointed at my camera and them
and they seemed to agree as mum posed the girl on her scooter for me.

I hurried back to the car but Popcorn & I got soaked!

Nikon Z50 + 16 - 50 lens.


  1. What an interesting International Market - and lots of colour too. Not sure what food I would I would have chosen being vegetarian. Look forward to seeing more of your photos as you bring the areas alive. Hope you didn't get too wet! Take care.

    1. Thanks Mike, like you I'm a vegetarian so very little on offer appealed to me. I enjoy photographing events like this with lots of people around, and yes, we did get wet! David.

  2. The market looks wonderful, David. Lots of colour and interesting items. All food for your camera, if not for your tongue. That beadwork was beautiful and the man selling it was wearing the South African colours, so I'm guessing he might have been from there. I liked the little wire motorbikes too, which are also a frequent sight in SA. It's a pity about the food, though. I too am a vegetarian, and given how many of us there are, it's surprising there wasn't something on offer.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Val, most of the stalls were playing music from their respective countries which made it a very enjoyable experience. David.