Monday 15 January 2024

Riverside event at the Riverhead, Louth.

 Following on from the last two posts at Louth, another visit to Louth on another day, photo's taken back in September.  

Our walk centred around the Riverhead at Louth, various events were taking place over the weekend.

Navigation House at the Riverhead, built in 1770.

A folk music event was being held on the decked area.

Out on the River Ludd young people were being taught how to use paddle borads.

I managed to get a seat where I could get some photo's of the singer for a while.

These youngsters are trying out a kayak.

I had a walk downstream to "Top Lock", once the final lock on the Louth Navigation Canal
before reaching the Riverhead. 

As often happens, I met a dog on our walk.  Popcorn was very well behaved with it.

Another dog walker.

I made my way back on the opposite side of the water so I could return through
the old industrial area. 

Pleasant  reflection of some industrial buildings.

Once a wharf side industrial building this is now a micro brewery and pub. 

Seen on another old building.

Another sign but very much more recent.

Back at the folk music festival.

This young lady was reciting poetry written by herself.  She covered a variety
of subjects, some depicting life & places in Lincolnshire.  I really enjoyed them. 

The Woolpack Inn, dating back to 1770 when the Louth Navigation Canal opened.

I posted several posts about the history of the Louth Navigation Canal some while ago.  You can see the post about the final leg of the canal as it reached Louth and the Riverhead here.

Final section of the Louth Canal.

These pics taken on Nikon Z50 + 16 - 50 lens.


  1. Hello David, thank you for such an interesting post and for the sunshine! Good to see the folk music and the poetry in the open air, somehow it makes it special. Looks like there is something for everyone to enjoy, the youngsters seem to be enjoying the various activities. Lovely photos as usual which brings it all to life. Thanks! Good wishes.

    1. Thank Mike, Louth is a very special place. We've been visiting for many years & I intend to continue going there with Popcorn
      We were there today, market day. Didn't take many pictures though, full sunny day but the high building left most areas in deep shadow. It was good to get out but cold, 1 degree when we got there, max of 3 degrees all day. Best wishes, Fsbof.

  2. What a lovely post, David. I'm sorry I'm so late seeing it, but I seem to just mis them when you post them. Anyway, I so enjoyed this and the event looked both well attended and entertaining. I like folk music very much and your poet looked as if she was enjoying herself too. Thank you for the photos of the old industrial buildings. They are very much what I enjoy seeing and looking around at on the waterways. I'd love to visit Louth as it looks very much my kind of place.

    1. Thank you Val, if you ever visit Lincolnshire and can only visit one place then choose Louth. It's a lovely town with Georgian architecture and friendly people. David.