Friday 5 January 2024

A walk around Louth.

Happy New Year!

Following on from my last post at the Christmas Market in Louth here are some more photo's from there.

 I took these photo's back in September when Popcorn and I had a walk around the market town of Louth in Lincolnshire.  Known as "The gateway to the Wolds", Louth is on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  A ridge of hills that start at Barton Upon Humber in the north near the Humber Bridge and finish south of Spilsby before the land levels out onto The Fens.  The area is designated an Area of outstanding Beauty.

Westgate heading toward the church.

St. James church in Louth has the tallest spire of any Parish
Church in England.

The Wheatsheaf Inn on Westgate. 

Dating back to the 17th century.

My quirky eye spotted two very different forms of transport.  A blue plaque on the 
wall tells a gruesome story!

Remembering the Lincolnshire Rising.

The main street through the town. 

Regular viewers of "Bargain Hunt" on TV will be familiar with the auctioneer and
antiques expert Colin Young, this is the Louth branch of the firm.

Spotted a dog keeping cool in the shade.

Hand made signs on a market stall.

On my previous post I took a photo here at the Christmas Market. 

Looking across to the market place and the old indoor market hall clock.

The jewellers shop on this corners has a really old mural painted on it's wall. 

Lots of little cameo scenes and stories within the mural. 

On the corner of Aswell Street is the Turks Head pub.

Down one of the many alleyways in Louth I found a piece of graffiti art work. 

Another allewway.

New Street leading to the Market Place, very different to the weather and lighting
when I took almost the same photo at the recent Christmas Market, last post.

A party of wedding guests on the move.

New Street again.

Cobbles Bar in New Street.

Alleyway running from thr Market Place to Mercer Row.

Mercer row.

The wedding party, possibly on their way to the reception?

Apartments in this lovely old renovated Georgian building.

Westgate Gardens.  A private group of dwellings with lovely gardens but I did get permission
to photograph there from the lady carrying her dog.  I'd met her earlier in the town. 

Nikon Z50 + 16-50 lens.


  1. Firstly wishing you a good 2024. How time flies. Another superb post, makes me wish I was nearer Lincolnshire. I'd enjoy walking through all of that 'outstanding Beauty'. Never know, might get there one day. All the best from a chilly Cornwall with a few snow flakes fluttering in the wind.

    1. Thank you Mike, we're getting some really cold temperatures but at least the rain has stopped. Large parts of Licolnshire are under water and a lot of homes flooded, here in Cleethorpes we've escaped that. Ikeep going to view the Loutg Canal and the levels there are almost as high as the big flood in 2007.
      These photos were taken back in late summer, after my wife died I spent most days out with Popcorn with my camera so have quite a few pics saved for the blog.
      Take care, David & PC.

  2. I'm late here, David, and I also need to read your previous post. I've been away again in the wilds of France with little to no internet, so blogging had to fall by the wayside. Anyway, this post is such a delight. I would love to visit Louth as it looks quite beautiful, and, of course, being on a canal makes it even more special. I'm so sorry to read about the flooding. We too have had horrendous amounts of rain and there's a lot of standing water in the fields, but fortunately, no homes have been inundated. It came close on the 21st December with the extreme high tide. However, all our huge storm surge gates were closed, which saved us, but the rivers are still full to overflowing. I'm glad you're okay in Cleethorpes, and I hope you had a good New Year!

    1. No apology needed, I know how busy your life is. I enjoy the comments all the more when you catch up.
      Louth is a lovely little town and a jewel in the Lincolnshire Crown. We've been visiting it regularly for around 60 years. My wife's grand parents lived there so even before we married we'd go there by train to visit.
      Now it's just Popcorn & myself I still visit Louth

  3. What a thoroughly delightful town! You have done a wonderful job of capturing the street scenes and people enjoying themselves. I really like the hand made signs. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the wedding group.That is an especially lively and excellent photo. I’m catching up now on the Louth series, and enjoyed each of them. Happy New Year, Friend!


    1. Thank you for your comments and a Happy New Year to you too. Your comments came through as Anonymous (seems to be when commenting from a mobile phone, very annoying) but I'm fairly confident that you are my friend Ann Kennedy. I can recognise your writing style.
      The wedding party was a chance opportunity which I grabbed quickly but was so pleased how it turned out. My son Michael says I take too long deciding when to take a photo so on this occasion I used point & shoot, maybe he's right?

    2. Yes it’s me! I forgot to sign in.

  4. I'm really going back back in time to catch up with my bloggy reading David! Love the hustle and bustle of these images. Aren't those cobled street gardens gorgeous. Such pretty allies too x

  5. Yes, the gardens are really nice. I like the idea that you only need to step out of your front door and cross over to the garden.