Sunday 17 December 2023

Louth Christmas Market.

 Popcorn & I visited the Lincolnshire Market Town of Louth today, 17th December, and found their Christmas Market in full swing.  Difficult lighting with very bright but low sun but we still enjoyed the visit.

New Street, Louth.  Cobbled street that leads to the Market Place.

Lots of stalls in the market Place but, to be honest, most of them are there all year round.

Traditional Hot Chestnuts.

The Masons Arms is one of the oldest pubs in Louth.

The Market Hall clocks presides over the market. 

Off course, I had to snap these two.

The main man.

A duo were entertaining folk and they were very good too

This couple had to have a dance!

The Market hall clock again with Cobble Bar.


Nikon Z 50 + 18-140mm lens.


  1. Always interesting to wander through such a market, enjoyed the photos. Roast chestnuts always remind me of being a child at Christmas. Dad had a shovel with holes and would roast the chestnuts over the fire in our living room. - always a special event. All good wishes to you for the Christmas period.

    1. Thanks Mike, it was very festive. Best wishes to you and your wife for the festive period. David.

  2. Hello David, a belated Merry Christmas to you and happy new year. Can I firstly start by saying the picture of Rudolph Popcorn is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I hope you turned it into Christmas cards and that he received a special treat for being so well behaved. Oh I do miss the old town markets of Lincolnshire & East Yorks. You have really captured the characters and gentle hustle bustle. The street traders look a little jollier than the cob faced ones I saw in Truro last week! Wonderful photos. I am now going to catch up with some of your recent posts (of course I have a cuppa too) ... :) x

    1. Thanks Lulu, Louth is a very pleasant town.