Thursday 29 August 2019

North Thoresby Village 1940s Weekend, 2019.

An annual event I always look forward to is the 1940s weekend at the Lincolnshire village of North Thoresby.  This year I made a special effort to attend as, unfortunately, it was the last time it was to take place.

Although it's a 1940s weekend I decided this year not to cover the military re-enactors, but to concentrate my camera on the visitors and the dancing in the village square.  There are always a few interesting characters and the atmosphere is great.

The dancing in the square, very popular, anyone can join in.

I met this couple in their fabulous car last year too.

Bar Bubbles is now a familiar sight at all the major Lincolnshire events.
(available for weddings etc.)

Bar Bubbles is run by Vickie (shown here) and Theresa.

Another couple I've met at various 1940s events.  They always have a cup of tea and cakes.

Two more regulars at these occasions.

First time meeting with this copper!!

Wonderful smile.

I was wondering when I'd meet some dogs and along came these cheeky chappies.

A wonderful old MG sports car.

Proud owner.

This is the DJ at the dancing.


During a break from the dancing the people were entertained by this singer.  
He was great, full of energy and a superb singing voice & style.

He kept them all entertained.

Very enjoyable.

A visit to North Thoresby would not be complete unless I'd payed a visit to 
this lovely Alaskan Malamute.  He's just a big softy and I'll miss seeing him.

Well, all good things come to an end and folk are making their way home after 
a wonderfully entertaining day. 
Such a shame it's not to continue, but perhaps it will?

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-100 Pro Lens.


  1. How wonderful - including the photos - and so very English. What a shame that this is the last time, such things should be preserved, we seem to be losing so much of our culture. Thanks for the interesting photos, they are superb.

    1. Thanks Mike, the event is organised by one man (I know he delegates to helpers) but, after 6 years he's stepped down. It's the old story, no one wants to take the job ok.

  2. I remember this fun event and you have captured it beautifully! Honestly, you should set up a booth in town and SELL prints. Surely there are people who would love a souvenir of the final event. These marvelous photos would make delightful cards and calendars as well. Well done, David, as always!

    1. Thank you for these comments, you always inspire me to keep going. I have considered having a calendar printer with a picture from each month of the year,maybe you have prompted me to do it? I already have my photographs in several charity calendars.

    2. Maybe now you have a winter project😊

  3. Love your posts David. THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!

    1. Thank you Martha, I really enjoy the North Thoresby 1940s event, shame it's not continuing.