Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Holton le Clay Garage.

The garage was started in 1929 in the village of Holton le Clay.  The present owners took it over in 1990 and, in addition to the usual vehicle servicing & MOT testing, they also service and renovate vintage vehicles.
I found it interesting from a photographers viewpoint with all the motoring memorabilia and how it reminded me of  how local garages were when I started buying cars in the 1970's.

Inside is a mix of a modern working garage and a museum for motoring memorabilia
and transport in general.

A display of Royal Enfield items of transport.

This bicycle is a Royal Enfield Bullet dated 1932.

This old Bentley is currently being renovated & restored to it's former glory.

Engine out being rebuilt (see next pic).

On the left are a couple of rotor blades from an English Electric
Lightning aircraft and on the right is a damaged piston & shaft
from an Auster aircraft.

A "time clock" for recording start & finish times of
employees.  No longer in use, just an exhibit.

The next few pics are of various motoring & transport memorabilia. 

An old AA sign from Ashby-Cum-Fenby showing the distances to various places.

A quite modern looking Castrol Oil Dispenser.

A Jensen Interceptor under renovation. 

The day to day work though is general servicing, repairs & MOT work on current
vehicles such as this Honda Jazz.

I love these "busy" areas, such a lot of detail to see.  The next few pics are detail shots
that catch my eye & hold my interest.

A classic motor bike being renovated, I think it's a British bike, but never asked.

The bikes rear wheel, full wire spokes.  So different to the modern alloys.

A Dunlop Champion Tyre cover for 4 shillings + an inner tube for 1 shilling & nine pence!

Golden Film Diesel Engine Lube and "Qualube" from the "Witham Oil & Grease Co. Ltd
in Lincoln.

The pedal is obscuring the year of this bicycle but it can be either fixed wheel or freewheel. 

A fascinating place, thank you to the owners for allowing me in to take these photographs.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-100mm Pro Lens.

(many pics taken at 800 - 1250 ISO)


  1. These are great! Amazing that they still have a stack of time cards with the machine. I think an old garage is a fascinating thing and you've certainly found one here! Since the skills needed today to work on cars are so different than when we were growing up, it makes me wonder how long these mechanic shops can last. I rarely hear of apprenticeships anymore, but wouldn't this be a great place to learn. If interesting old cars interest you, I bet you would enjoy some of the videos on youtube from Jay Leno's Garage series, and I wish you could take photos of his cars. You never miss a detail! If there was such a thing as a truly local newspaper left in the world, you should be the photojournalist who features these great small businesses~

    1. Thank you Ann, so pleased you enjoyed this post, I hoped you would. Your final remark is a great compliment.

  2. The photos are excellent and that's an understatement! You really have mastered this theme, so much detail within the photos. Thanks David, looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thank you Mike, I'm on the lookout for my next project, plenty of modern (soulless) places but they don't have the same appeal. Might have a spell of rural scenes, I used to be known as the "chocolate box kid" at my camera club. Which I took as a compliment.