Friday 6 September 2019

Cows & Corn.

Just a few pics taken in the fields of Lincolnshire. 

A lot of fields are yet to be harvested but this one is all gathered in.
(Not a sloping horizon, this is the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds!)

Another field that has been harvested, ploughed & is now being seed drilled
for an overwintering cereal crop.  There's no time lost in the autumn.  

This area is a large pasture for cows and with a cattle grid at each end cars
can drive right through the herd.  The cows are used to it and don't even stop grazing.

I photographed this cow through the car window.

Cows in this pasture and a harvested field adjacent to it; the Lincolnshire Wolds
are very varied and diverse.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 14-42mm EZ Mzuiko lens.


  1. These beautiful shots could have been taken in my neck of the woods! All corn, cows and hay! Farmland is a universal beauty.

  2. I remember your posts on G+ of the huge silos and farmsteads and yes, there will be a similarity. Probably on a much smaller scale here. Thank you.for your comment Ann.

  3. Good to see the Lincolnshire fields and farms.