Saturday, 11 September 2021

The Louth Canal at Thoresby Bridge.

 The Louth Canal, known as "The Louth Navigation", runs from the North Sea on Englands east coast, inland to Louth in Lincolnshire.  Along the way are various road crossings and bridges where the sailing barges would discharge their various cargoes into wharef side warehouses.  The canal finally closed in 1924 and has fallen into decline.

This is at Thoresby bridge.

This building is undergoing restoration.

The Louth Navigation going on it's way to Louth.  This is the flat, coastal area of Lincolnshire.

These old abandoned sluice channels would have allowed flood water to drain from
this dyke into the canal.

Winding gear used to raise & lower the sluice gates.  The canal is seen in the distance.

The warehouse is a listed building and being sympathetically restored to original condition.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-40mm Pro lens.


  1. Being so flat this must be good walking territory. Interesting to see the old buildings and the winding gear etc. I was looking at photos of Keddington Lock - not sure if this is near to the area of your photos.

    1. Keddington Lock is the last lock on the canal as it reaches Louth. My original intention was to photograph the canal from end to end, about 12 miles, but Covid stopped me. 😊

    2. David - Ann left a message for you on my blog comments

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      Just had a thought, maybe the latest Windows 10 updates have caused a problem on her PC? I know some people who say it can.

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    1. I'm both pleased and relieved that you've solved the problem, I'm sure you're correct and the newer blogger interface was the problem. 👍 😀