Saturday, 2 July 2022

Blossom & Horses.

 I took these photo's back in May and then forgot about them.  There was quite a lot of blossom around and also some horses.

Wisteria on this garage.

The inevitable Cow Parsley.

Once a Chapel, now a private residence.

A few horsey pics, the flies were bothering them.

This was hanging at the gate of a cottage.

More Cow Parsley, and that lady & her dog, that seem to follow me around
wherever I go!

Laburnam blossom at "The Wellfitts".

Old machinery in the farmyard.

A Shire horse and her foal.  I hadn't seen these two before.

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 12-40 Pro lens.


  1. These are delightful photos! I recognize your distinctive style of capturing details of ordinary things making them especially interesting. The clarity of the flowers and the blurred backgrounds are beautiful. Great post all around, David, and you certainly had a lovely day in May.

    1. Thank you Ann, it was a lovely day. Mainly overcast but I'm finding that creates better photo's. Take care. 😊 🐕 🐢

  2. Love all the pictures especially the chapel cottage.

    1. Hi Haddock, thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. 😊

  3. Oh that symmetrical brick garage covered in Wisteria - just gorgeous! (I can't believe that's a garage - I'd quite happily live in it) Lovely horses and blossom David. Thank you for sharing :) x

    1. Glad you liked this post, the pics are from Wold Newton, a village we often visit. Take care in this hot weather Lulu, up here on the east coast our temperatures are quite lower than what you & Mike are experiencing. 😊 🐕 🐢