Wednesday 27 July 2022

Update on my garden.

 July has been a difficult month in the garden.  The heatwave brought a lot of flowers on early and the containers needed watering twice daily.  I took a few photo's on a rare dull day as I prefer that for photographing flowers.

My grass is a disgrace, I don't call it a lawn.  The heat has stopped it growing, plus my
dog is a girl and when they wee on grass it kills it.


Dahlias & Zinnias.

Rudbeckia, Zinnias, Begonias & Lobelia.

Despite the heat my tomatoes are a long way from ripening.

Joey emerging from his garden house.


A general view of the containers and Joey's house on the right, next to my cold frame.

More pots on the patio.  


Thanks for viewing my blog.

Olympus EM2 + 12-40mm Pro lens.



  1. Oh David. My grass is even worse. It looks like a desert! Your pots are gorgeous, though.I do love the rich array of colours and am very fond of cosmos from my years in South Africa.

    1. I haven't travelled much but would love to see the flowers in South Africa. Thanks for commenting Val, always appreciated. 😊 🐕 🐢

    2. If you ever get the chance to go to Namaqualand (Cape Province) in the spring, do take it, David. It’s glorious. Mind you, there has to be a drop or two of rain to get the flowers going.

  2. Our grass / lawn is very similar - both back and front gardens. Lots of colours though in your pots and containers, they make a fine display Was glad to see Joey is still thriving. I lost a few dahlias this year, by leaving them in situ. They usually winter okay.

    1. I've had Joey for 70 years and he must be in his eighties. My Dahlias survived the winter in my cold frame but I lost half of my Begonia tubers that were stored in the garage.
      22 degrees here today and quite breezy. LOVELY! Thanks for commenting Mike. 😊 🐕 🐢

  3. Lovely to see the handsome ol' Joey emerging from his house. I wonder what he made of the heatwave? Like Mike, I lost a few dahlias that I'd left in the ground, but the ones that survived are taller and bushier than ever. Your pink zinnias and cosmos are positively zingy against the blue pots. Those tomatoes look super healthy too - looks like you'll get a good harvest. I think your lawn looks pretty good. I am calling ours 'the frazzle patch' :0 Of course I don't ever water it, as I know it'll spring back with the slightest bit of rain. Thanks for the garden tour :) x

    1. I grew most things from seed this year, I usually send for plug plants but got fed up with them arriving in a jumbled heap. The Zinnias are my favourite this year.
      During the heatwave Joey was emerging from his house very early in the morning, ate plenty but by lunchtime he was back in his house that's full of hay. He's very old so knows how to survive, I've had him for 70 years now. Thanks for visiting & leaving comments, I really enjoy reading them. 🐢