Sunday 10 April 2016

Austin 7

While I was waiting for my wife, with Suzi in the car, along came this super little Austin 7.  The owner parked it right next to my car so, as I always carry a camera, I asked if I could photograph it.  He was more than willing to let me, I got the impression I wasn't the first person ever to ask him!
What a cracker of a car, it has an electric starter but the owner told me in the event of a flat
battery the starting handle still works.  It has electric indicators to comply with MOT but it
retains it's trafficater lift up indicators as well. 

The tax disc is only slightly out of date!

A super little car, the only thing to spoil my pictures is my old red Honda Jazz alongside.
I suppose my car isn't so old after all. :-)

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