Saturday 6 November 2021

North Ormsby Valley, revisited.

 North Ormsby is a place we visit occasionally.

Beech leaves beginning to change colour.

Cow Parsley seed heads. 

Suzi found a Fir Cone.  Don't think she's about to give it up.

We found this wild flower, similar to Cow Parsley, but they finished flowering weeks a go.

More Cow Parsley seed heads.

Fir trees, probably where Suzi claimed her prize !

Recently harvested fields now sown with new crops.

Typical Lincolnshire Wolds landscape, complete with a Lincolnshire  "Big Sky".

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-40mm Pro lens.


  1. You create some wonderful photos and views - the countryside, and even the barbed wire, is magical - and it looks like suzi had a good time too. Have a good week - hopefully there will be a few dry days.

  2. Thank you Mike, yes, weather looks promising. Take care.

  3. Well Suzi certainly found a treasure! I know she must love these walks in the countryside. I am struck by how similar this area looks to the American Midwest with vast expanses of crop lands, gently sloped. These photos are lovely and the details are excellent.

    1. Thank you Ann for your comments. I remember a video you sent me from your area, and I was struck by the similarity to our area in Lincolnshire. Take care.