Thursday, 7 February 2013

More Images of Lincolnshire.

A mix of images taken around the county.

Boats berthed at Saltfleet Haven, a small river on the Lincolnshire coast North of mablethorpe.  The waterway has become badly silted up over the years but was once a thriving location for local fishermen fishing out in the North Sea.

The North promenade at Cleethorpes taken on 1st Feb 2013 from the Pier.  Not many people about during the winter closed season but still a colourful scene for any photographers.
The large concret tower on the left is the water tower for the supply of water to Cleethorpes residents, just to the right of it, the pointed tower in the far distance is The Dock Tower at Grimsby.  A local landmark  that'sbeen a navigation aid to many Grimsby trawlers over the years.

Cleethorpes beach, taken on 1st Feb 2013, a rare sunny day but still extremely cold.  The only people about are dog walkers.  Cleethorpes sits a mile or two inside the mouth of the Humber Estuary.

Hagworthingham, just one of many  really attractive villages in Lincolnshire.

A lovely warm evening following a hot summers day at Grainsby Park in Lincolnshire.

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