Sunday 5 May 2024

Ravendale Valley, Day Two.

 When I finished the first day of our walk at Ravendale Valley I said I intended to return on the next sunny morning.  Well, that was yesterday and surprisingly we had two consecutive days of sunshine in what has been a long wet winter & Spring.  So back to Ravendale today.

We parked our car at the cattle grid and set off into the valley.

Blackthorn Blossom everywhere, this has been a bumper Spring for it.  Maybe because of
all the rain?

A closer look at the blossom.

And then into the valley proper which has steeply wooded sides.  Popcorn was far more
interested in the smells.

Morning sun coming through the trees.

Despite the two sunny days we still had heavy overnight rain making it wet in places.

New leaves on the Hawthorn, which will soon be in blossom too.

The end of the valley walk and another cattle grid.

I saw some ponies in the field, other years there have been Highland Cattle in there.

This one was very curious.

I thought this was some hair from the mane of one of the ponies but on closer inspection
I could see it was frayed baler twine. 

A runner came through.

The cattle grid marks the end of the valley and our walk.

I stopped on our way back to the car for another look at the ponies.

The view back to the Blackthorn at the start.

Nikon Z6 ii and 24 - 70 lens.



  1. Another stunning lot of photographs, David. That Blackthorn Blossom is so pretty, and I love that photo with Popcorn in it.

    1. Blackthorn Blossom is the promise of summer, Popcorn goes everywhere with me now. My wife died last year. Thanks for commenting Elle, much appreciated. David.

  2. Happy bank holiday weekend to you David :) What a lovely walk. Two consecutive days of sun!... the weather gods are certainly treating Lincolnshire. Lovely to see the sun filtering through the trees. Gorgeous pics x

    1. p.s. Good to see Popcorn having a good snuffle smell. What does he make of the horses?

    2. Popcorn has a habit of barking at other dogs but not horses. Maybe he thinks they're big dogs!

  3. Beautiful scenery and wonderful photos, David. It looks gorgeous in the sunshine, and the colours are like paintings. I don’t blame you for wanting to go back. Popcorn looks very happy snuffling about. He’s good company, isn’t he? Zoe is for me too.

    1. Hi Val, thanks for your lovely comments.
      Popcorn has become a really good friend for me, sometimes he drives me mad but he's worth it. David.