Monday 22 April 2024

Evening at Cleethorpes.

 Popcorn & I had a walk along Cleethorpes Promenade back in August 2023 and I took a few photo's as the light began to fade.

This amusement arcade is situated at the entrance to Cleethorpes pier.

Called "The Mint", possibly because it earns it's owners lots of money?

Folk coming away from the pier after a fish & Chip supper.

This is the busiest part of Cleethorpes seafront with lots of arcades, shops & amusements.

We met a couple of characters walking along.

I asked what they were doing, maybe promoting something?  But no, they're just two
local people who like to dress up and make people feel happy! 

Whipped ice cream at this shop.

I didn't go into any arcades but took a few pics to give a flavour of what's inside.

I like to include people in my photo's but I think this young lad spotted me.

A view showing how close to the beach the amusements are.

Heading back to the Pier area.

The Mermaid Café at the railway station, built in the Victorian days. 

A few hundred yards from the seafront is the old "Empire Theatre", now another place
of entertainments and arcade amusements.  I remember going to summer variety shows
here when I was a youngster.

The illuminations along the promenade.  These are modern LED versions of what we had
for many years.

Nikon Z50 + 16-50 lens.


  1. Very nice, David. The Cleethorpes tourist board should use you to promote the town. You've taken some lovely photos here. Evening shots are always difficult, but yours are perfect. It looks a lively and popular place.

  2. Thank you Val, it was a lovely warm evening then, back in August 2023. Just wish the weather would warm up here now.
    Take care, David.

  3. Cleethorpes looks like a 'proper' seaside town with the lights and arcades. Reminds me of trips out with my parents to the seaside - happy days. I agree with Val - Cleethorpes tourist board should use you to promote the town. Enjoyed your post.

    1. It's very popular in the summer when we get all the visitors. I remember it in the 1950's when thousands of people came all through the summer holidays, mainly from Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley. The wasn't an inch of spare room on the beach.
      Thanks for commenting Mike, hope all is well with you, David.

  4. Super fab pictures David! The colourful lights looks so good against the darkening sky :) I can never get the light right on twilight shots x