Saturday, 2 July 2016

Kingston Upon Hull (1st set of many!)

I'm back, sorry for the absence.  The title of this blog indicates that it depicts my wonderful county of Lincolnshire.  Well, that's true but my son & I occasionally wonder outside the border to foreign parts!  These images were taken over the Humber Estuary in Kingston Upon Hull.  Known over there as"Gods own County"........ Yorkshire!  We slipped in, got the pictures and slipped out! 

We took a LOT of pictures and I'll feed them in from time to time.

This 1st set are taken as we exited the shopping centre where we parked our car.
A few street pics.

St. Stephen's shopping centre, a recent development in Hull.

Better in B&W?

These doors at the transport interchange provided a few images.

Better in B&W?

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