Saturday, 11 June 2016

RAF Binbrook.....and finally.

When we were at RAF Binbrook the local fire brigade were testing out some of their equipment and we were invited to photograph them.

Stop Cock at 6 feet, but don't ask me in which direction!

The firemen are practicing using a high pressure lance which
can cut through solid brickwork and concrete using pressurised

In a matter of just a few minutes they were able to cut right
through this old brick wall!

Although the airbase is now redundant and for the most part
abandoned someone seems to be looking after the shrubs in
this little corner of the grounds.  The Rhododendrons were as
good as any I've seen. 

And finally....the RAF operate state of the
art aircraft nowadays that are faster, full of electronic
and digitally operated equipment, can fly higher and
further with much more devastating fire power than
the aircraft from the past.  They are also MUCH SMALLER
and require smaller Pilots to fly them as can be
seen here.  This officer pilot very kindly posed for me!!

That's the last of all the images from RAF Binbrook, all taken on
my Panasonic G6 camera with a 14 - 140mm zoom lens.

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