Thursday 28 July 2016

Willingham Lakes.

Yesterday I accompanied my wife Carole to a painting day organized by her Art Group, Suzi came too of course!

It was at Willingham lakes, part of Willingham Woods in Lincolnshire.  While Carole and the others were painting Suzi and I went off taking photographs. 

The lakes are very shallow, only a few inches in places but about 12 inches in others.
They are full of fish but fishing has never been allowed on the lakes, and that's how it
should be as it's a conservation area and a popular picnic spot.

The bankside is full of wild flowers and out on the water are huge areas of wild water lilies.

This flower intrigued me; it had obviously been forced over to the horizontal position but, as
nature does, it recovered by simply doing a U-Turn at it's tip to continue reaching for the sun! 

A few artists from the painting group.

Feeding ducks.

And so, after a lovely day, I followed this lady with her dog back to the car park.

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