Thursday, 21 July 2016

Kingston Upon Hull, shopping arcade and cuddly characters.

Further images from our recent trip over the border into Yorkshire.

A lovely old Victorian shopping arcade.  The two policemen
came over to ask why we were photographing but they were
ok when we explained.  Even posed for a portrait.

A Teddy Bear shop selling the world famous Steiff bears.

The centre of Hull is undergoing major road improvement work ahead of next year
when it becomes Britain's "City of Culture".

Hull has undergone a lot of modernization with new shopping malls etc. but is still known
for it's old Victorian buildings and statues.  There are statues everywhere.

Perhaps some men in Hull don't aim too well?

The Steiff Bears might be cuddly but this was the star of the day for me.

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  1. The teddy bear shop kingston upon hull arcade, just wanted to ask if your going to be open and do you sell steiff bears for around £100