Sunday 8 March 2020

Twinkles Fancy Dress & Costumes.

In the 1950's & 60's, if you wanted to buy an electrical appliance or pay your quarterly electricity bill in Cleethorpes, you would have to go to the "YEB Building" at the bottom of Issacs Hill.
In the days before privatisation there was no opportunity to shop around for the best energy deals.  Nor were there all the electrical appliance retailers, in our area we had the Yorkshire Electricity Board and that was where we went.
The YEB Building was, and still is, a superb example of the Art Deco style of building.

These days the building houses "Twinkles Fancy Dress", one of the largest costume hire shops in the UK, they've been trading for 23 years.  They offer not just fancy dress but costumes for theatre productions, Victorian Days & much more.  To see more please click on the link below.

Twinkles Fancy Dress.

Inside it's an "Alladin's Cave" of costumes.

I had to photograph "The King" although I must say now, I was
a fan of Cliff Richard & The Shadows!

The old YEB Building, now the home of "Twinkles Costume & Fancy Dress".

To see more pictures of iconic buildings in the area, some current but some no more
please click on the link below

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 25mm & 9-18mm Lenses.


  1. What a fun store and your detailed, colorful photos are delightful! We have pop up costume stores around Halloween, but nothing permanent and as comprehensive as this one. I enjoyed their website. I love your close up of the masks. That’s a stellar shot that would also be interesting in black and white. Excellent and fun post all around. Glad that the building is put to good use.

  2. Thank you Ann. I've been meaning to photograph Twinkles for a long time, it was worth waiting for. The amount of stock is incredible, I had to restrict myself to "only" 25 interior shots and almost used them all!

    1. You did a great job! Might have to go back for a second round and do another post. I’ve never seen so much stock in that type of store before. Truly amazing.

  3. What a great store, have never seen anything to compare with that. Such an abundance of fancy dress stock, amazing.

    But really, Cliff Richard and the Shadows in preference to Elvis? Surely not. (I still have a photo of Elvis I had on my bedroom wall as a youngster).

    A super post, David.

    1. Thank you Mike. Yes, I never rated Elvis very highly and also, I was a "Stones" fan, although I eventually switched to the "Fab Four" and still enjoy them to this day.