Friday, 27 March 2020

Bempton Cliffs.

Bempton Cliffs is a nature reserve on the Yorkshire coast, north of Bridlington and an important breeding colony for many seabirds.
This was the final stopping point on my trip along the Yorkshire coast a few years ago.

We found a place in the reserves' car park, only to find dogs were not aloud onto the headland!  So I had to nip along there very quickly by myself to get a few pics.   I'm not a wildlife photographer so made do with the lens I had.

The ever popular Puffin, comical & very colourful.  Pity it turned it's back!

Fortunately it did turn around.

A pair of Oyster Catchers at the nest with young.

Canon 300D + 100-300mm Sigma lens.


  1. You may not regard yourself as a wildlife photographer but it is hard to imagine there is a thing you cannot photograph well. These are all lovely and you captured the essence of the area very well in spite of having to rush.

  2. I was pleased with my Puffin pic, that was, and still is, the only time I've seen a Puffin in the wild. They're cute & so comical.

  3. I agree entirely with what Ann has said. Love the Puffins, such fun birds. There's a lot of height in those cliffs. I realise now how many places I haven't visited in the UK. Anyway, won't be travelling far at the moment unfortunately.

  4. There're lots of places to visit in the UK with such diversity too. I've been retired for 20 years now and intended to visit some of them but never got around to it. I will be re-assesing things when/if things return to "normal" and would like to visit the North Norfolk coast.

    1. We have only been on the Norfolk Broads, had a couple of holidays chugging along on a boat. Very peaceful.

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