Sunday 29 March 2020

A good find in my archives.

No, not Suzi,  but my previous Cavelier "Jasper".  He was a good old boy; this was taken in April 2005.


  1. What a beauty, wonderful eyes.

  2. He was a rescue dog & loved going out in the car.

  3. Beautiful, loyal friend! Our main entertainment is taking our dog, Axle, for drives now. He is big and energetic and needs to run hard everyday, so we try to give him a good run in the country each day. I’m glad we have him to keep us busy these days! Your Jasper, and now Suzi are beautiful.

  4. Thank you for your comments Ann. A big dog like Axle needs to run and they don't know what's happening at the moment. In the UK dog walking & car use was ok at first but now we've been told "stay at home" for all but absolutely necessary outdoor movement.
    We exercise ourselves by walking up & down our garden and we get Suzi running back & forth between us for treats. I'm spending a lot more time gardening, although the last couple of days the wind has been strong and from the North. Very cold & straight down our East coast from Iceland.
    But we're coping, as I hope you & your family are also.

    1. We are coping in spite of it all. Thank you, David and take good care.