Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Xmas walk around Louth (Part 2)

In Aswell Street is the fish & chip resturant, Mr. Chips.  Residents of Louth will naturally say it is the best of it's kind in the county and I have had many fine meals there myself.  They proudly display a banner for a National Quality Award over their doorway. However, in an earlier posting I featured Steels Corner House in the Market Place in Cleethorpes and I think they have the edge!  Just my opinion.

Next to Mr. Chips, going further along Aswell Street are these alternative eating places.

Further along are these modernised houses, some nicely done but this one in the foreground must
be owned by a "Mariners Fan".  Just to explain, "The Mariners" is the nickname for Grimsby Town
football club who play in a black & white strip!

Aswell Street leads onto Newmaket where the Boars Head public house is located.  The Boars
Head is an old traditional pub and is located on the edge of the Louth Cattle & Livestock Market.
The current market is a modern indoor building but was previously a traditional outdoor auction
market.  The cattle markets were held every Friday and the Boars Head would be heaving at the 
seams with farmers who would look forward to bringing their beasts for selling and meeting old friends 
for a bit of crack!  I used to go to the outdoor cattle markets and it was a really good day out.  

This is Newmarket as it goes downhill to cross Upgate at the traffic lights.  Not a particularly interesting
road and the only reason I include it in these pictures is for the tall telephone pole on the left.
A modern addition, it is the tallest pole in Louth and when I was a BT telephone engineer I was the 
first person to climb it and I erected the wires that cross this road to the Vicarage building opposite.
It was good fun too, I had 2 more engineers controlling the traffic plus a policeman at the lights halting
everything!  That was many years ago but when I did this walk I couldn't resist taking this for old times.

Upgate is the main road road through Louth and further along it undergoes a name change and 
becomes London Road.  I suppose many years ago, before motorways and modern transport 
this would have been the road to take if you were leaving Louth for the capital!

A fine row of town houses along Upgate with one particularly impressive house further along.  
There is also a view of St. James Church in the distance.  It is a well known landmark in Louth and can be seen for miles around.  Louth proudly calls itself  "The Gateway to the Lincolnshire Wolds" and justifiably so in my opinion.  
When returning home  from the top of the Wolds the spire of St. James is a familiar site and lets the traveler know they are almost home. The traditional view of St. James is along Westgate but I like to find other less familiar views of it. 

A fine double fronted pair of town houses with some attractive architectural features.

There are several private roads in Louth. I took this as a reminder of the location of my next picture (something I often do) but decided to include it here.

Little South Street, not very inspiring but it did
provide me with an alternative view of St. James.

George Street, going down to Gospelgate, another fine row of houses but also another view of
St. James Church.

29 George Street and with festive decorations.

The 3rd & final part of this walk around Louth to follow in a day or so.

All pictures taken with my Panasonic FZ150 camera.

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