Monday, 30 December 2013

National railway Museum, York. (Part 1 of 3)

A visit to the National Railway Museum at York.
The Great Hall.
(Part One).

(I've combined this original post with some images from my other blog
to keep them all in the same place.)

35029 a Merchant Navy Class loco "Atlantic Coast Express".

This side of the loco has been cut away to see the inner workings and the museum staff
give really interesting talks on the way steam is used to power these locomotives.

A lovely piece of engineering.

A replica of Stephenson' s  "Rocket", built in 1934.

A lovely old coach.

I must make it clear I'm not a railway buff (anorak), I just like
to research details at a later time via Google, for my own interest.

A few more images from the National Railway Museum at York.

These six images are all of the loco King George V.

Loco 6000, King George V.

A "King Class" loco, built in 1927.

It went on a trip over to America to be part of the Baltimore Ohio Railroads' Centenary.
Whilst there it was presented with a commemorative bell to mark the occasion which remained on it.

When it returned to Britain it became known as "The Bell".

Wheel bearing detail.

Copper pipework.

Three A4 locomotives at the National Railway Museum, they are Bittern, Dwight D Eisenhower and
Dominion of Canada.  Unfortunately for me Mallard, still the holder of the world speed record for
a steam locomotive was away on loan. 

Another view of the very distinctive shape of the A4 "streamliners". 

A very interesting locomotive a KF Class loco, No. 607 built for the Chinese National Railways.  An
enormous, powerful engine. 

"City of Truro", a City Class loco on the turntable at York.  Reputed to be the first loco to achieve
100MPH while hauling an "Oceans Mail" special from Plymouth to Paddington in 1904.

All photographs taken on a Panasonic G5 camera, tripod mounted with exposure times varying
from 3 to 5 seconds @ f8.
Happy New Year to you all, thanks for viewing the blog!

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