Monday, 16 December 2013

A Xmas walk around Louth (Part 1)

I saw the consultant last week and I'm due to see him again on Wednesday. He says all is ok with the skin graft but it looks quite unsightly and I don't feel like going out to take photographs just yet.
This series of a walk around Louth was actually taken LAST YEAR but I hope you still find something of interest in the pictures.

(Click on any image to view it larger.)

A view along West Street.  This would have been the main street into Louth many years ago, all
the wealthy people would have their houses along this street and it was where the prosperous
town folk would aspire to live.

An impressive house on West Street.

The front door is decorated for Christmas,
understated but very tasteful.

On the opposite side of the street is this house called "Church Precincts"

A very attractive doorway, I like the bell pull
chain on the left.  Please view this picture large
to see the detail in the door.

This large house is the Vicarage, unfortunately
I couldn't get a full view of it as it is obscured
from the gateway going in to it.
Whilst taking it I noticed the blue plaque on
the wall.  See below.

The wall and pathway continues along the side of St James church, quite a well known landmark.
At the end is Upgate, the main thoroughfare through Louth.

This building has had a varied life and is at the moment the subject of a campaign to restore it to it's
former glory.  My wife's friend held an exhibition of her art work here and it is hoped the building
can become an art centre among other uses when restored.

Some interesting architectural features at the Mansion House, these are the vents and possibly loading
points for the cellar.

An old boot scraper.

A view from Mercer Road looking into the Market Place.  The old Market Hall clock can be seen, it
stands above the indoor market.  Outdoor markets are held every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

On the corner of Market Place and Queen Street is Scotts Jewelers.
On the side wall is a lovely mural.  The next image shows in detail how attractive and interesting it is.

I've often seen this mural but it wasn't until I photographed it and could study it more closely that I
realised just how interesting it is.  There are several cameo scenes happening in the image but the one
that has the most relevance for me is the group of girls approaching from the alleyway on the right.
My granddaughter attends King Edward VI Grammar School in Louth and I would like to think
these girls, one carries a hockey stick, are from that well known school.

Part 2 of the walk will follow later this week.

All images taken with a Panasonic FZ150 camera.

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