Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Brackenbury's Ice Cream shop.

 The storms and other things have stopped me getting out with camera, so I've dug out a couple of pics from the archives.   This is Brackenbury's Ice Cream Shop at Brigsley in Lincolnshire, or rather it was.  It closed several years ago and is now a private residence.

We used to call here after a drive or walk for what was the best ice creams in lincolnshire....in my opinion.  They'd been making ice cream for well over 100 years, as the sign shows.

Brigsley is a village we often visit and has a well known (and photographed) thatched cottage, some years ago it was re-thatched and I've included a link to some photo's I took of it at the time, see below.

Brigsley Thatched Cottage.


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Taken on a Panasonic FZ150 bridge camera.


  1. What a pity that the building is no longer for ice cream - that's quite a history going back to William IV.
    Always like to see thatch, an interesting set of photos.
    Hope you'll be able to get out with your camera soon.
    I thought we had got away with the storms, but they returned. A tree on the opposite side of our road went down taking with it the power lines - so no electric or internet for a while. All ok again now.

    1. Thanks for commenting Mike, the weather's up & down. Today here it's warm sunshine but a chilly, gusty wind. Lots of bulbs appeari g in my garden so hopefully more Springlike soon. Take care. 😊

  2. It is always sad to see a beloved business shut down and I bet there are many special memories associated with this one. I don’t recall ever meeting anyone who did not love ice cream. There is a local dairy close by here that makes wonderful ice cream and recently has brought back the old fashioned delivery of milk and basics in a white truck that is quite charming. Many families are taking advantage of this service, probably having had the childhood memory of the milkman.

    As for the thatch roof, these pictures are excellent in showing the work in progress. I wonder how long it takes to complete a roof of that size. I understand it is a highly specialized skill that not many people have these days. I really enjoyed this post. I hope the storms have gone by now.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pics of the ice cream shop Ann, thank you for commenting. 😊