Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Summer Flowers (Smoke Bush)

The Smokebush is from the Cotinus family and has large plumes of fluffy white flowers in summer that resemble smoke.  The leaves are a dark red Plum colour.

This is a new shrub so I'm looking forward to it coming into flower.

"Cotinus Smoke Bush"

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + 14-42 EZ Mzuiko Lens.


  1. Certainly a different plant with those flowers which seem to be quite 'hairy' from what I have seen. Look forward to seeing your photos when your plant has flowered. Good to be different!

  2. Thanks Mike, it's putting on lots of growth now but whether it'll flower this year I'm not sure. Be sure if it does I'll post it here.

  3. Very beautiful plant, one that is new to me. If it flowers as lovely as these photos it will be amazing. I like the deep colored foliage, something that will stand out nicely among the green. We’ve tried twice to grow a small Japanese maple with no success yet there are others close by. Still hoping to find something with the maroon leaves.

  4. The Smoke Bush is growing well and increasing in size now. I don't know if it will flower in it's 1st year but we're hoping so. I too would like a Japanese Maple but we've nowhere to plant it in the ground, our garden is north facing so only gets the sun along one side, which is full. I'm told they can be grown in a large container but can be a bit tricky.
    Thanks for your comment Ann, keep safe.