Tuesday 29 June 2021

Early summer in my garden.

My previous post was of wild flowers in Lincolnshire.  

My garden has a good display in the Spring but then goes quiet for a while.  Now though, the summer display is beginning to show, so this is a short selection.

Viewed from the house.

Begonias & Clematis.

Japanese Anemone with Campanula.

Tomatoes & Runner Beans.

Runner Bean flowers.


Welsh Poppy.

Dwarf Budlea flower buds.

Olympus EM1 Mk2 + 12-40 Pro lens.


  1. Your garden is very beautiful and obviously well tended. You have such an interesting variety that make great subjects for the lovely photos. I think that a good close up shot of a flower blossom is an indicator of a fine photographer. These are stunning.

    1. Thank you Ann for those lovely comments, very encouraging. The Covid restrictions have limited what subjects I can photograph and I'm enjoying flower photography.

  2. What an interesting garden you have and the final four photos are special, beautifully done. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Thank you for your comments Mike, the garden has kept me going through the pandemic.