Tuesday 2 July 2013

Nettleham Walk (Part 2)

Continuing along my walk in the picturesque village of Nettleham.

In the village centre is this sign depicting the church which we will see later.

The village green at the centre of Nettleham.

Most of the shops and pubs are situated in this area.

Another view of The Plough Inn with a glimpse of the church beyond. 

The Black Horse is just opposite The Plough with a lovely residence adjacent to it.

"Troika", an interesting gift and card shop that sells many interesting items.

On leaving the Village Green area the road crosses the beck again
and this is the view of it as it leaves the village.

Looking back to the bridge from where the last image was taken.  This stretch of the beck
is very overgrown but can be pleasantly cool on a hot day, unfortunately not the case today! 

Approaching the house we saw on part 1 of the walk but from the opposite direction.

This perhaps illustrates more clearly that the beck also serves as a vehicle access to this property; I
don't know if there is another, drier access point available.

Back at the first bridge from where we saw the cyclists negotiating the beck in part 1.
Beyond is a glimpse of The High Street, the other busy part of Nettleham.

All Saints Church.

The end of part 2 of my walk.

All pictures taken on a Panasonic Lumix FZ150. 

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