Monday, 29 December 2014

The Old cemetery.

The current cemetery for Louth in Lincolnshire lies on the outskirts of the town.  For many years though it was located right in the centre of the town adjacent to the parish church.  When the new cemetery  was opened the older one was cleared, all the headstones were stacked around the perimeter and the central area grassed over.  It's now a very pleasant parkland area affording a pathway across the centre of Louth and also the best view of St. James' Church, the Parish Church.  St. James Church is reputed to have the highest spire of any Parish Church in England and Wales. 

Old Cemetery, Louth, with St. James Parish Church. 

Showing some of the many ancient headstones.

Although the stones were cleared of all undergrowth a few years ago nature has taken
over once more and I for one feel the stones have a much more natural appearance now.

Some of the larger memorial stones.

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