Monday 17 October 2016

The East Marsh flats, Grimsby.

The tower blocks of flats in Grimsby's East Marsh are due for demolition so we (No.1 son & I) went to photograph them and the surrounding area.
Grimsby, once the largest fishing port in the World, has seen better days but since the decline of the fishing industry in the 1970's the once thriving, vibrant East Marsh and Freeman Street area has suffered.
The clearing and rebuilding program is the start of a new beginning.

Everyone's a comedian!

In the background, at centre right, can be seen Grimsby's Dock Tower.  Standing at the entrance
to the fish docks, this iconic symbol of Grimsby was the last thing and the first thing the fishermen
of Grimsby saw on their fishing trips.

"The Pea Bung", one of the oldest fish & chip shops in Grimsby, situated in the covered
Freeman Street Market.  Considered as one of the best in the area.

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