Tuesday 25 October 2016

Louth Victorian Market. (Set 1 of 3).

A Victorian styled street market has been held at Louth for quite a few years but we've not been to it before.  We decided it was time to have a look.

Most of the stallholders dressed in traditional Victorian dress.  These two however are members
of the Victorian Steam Punk fraternity, but they added to the general interest.

This chap was very entertaining and rode his Penny Farthing
up & down Mercer Row.

A group of strolling players just happened to be in the area.  Not quite true, they were actors
from the Louth Playgoers Theatre who were putting on a production of "Black Adder".

A blatant case of product placement?

The star of the whole day! 

"Mad Hatters"?  I couldn't possibly comment.

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