Monday 10 April 2017

Drive in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

These pictures were taken yesterday on a short drive through the Wolds.  Yesterday was the first really warm day of the Spring, 24 degrees C!

Today it's only 11 degrees C!!  Welcome to England.

Wild Garlic growing on a bankside in the North Ormsby Valley.  No flowers just yet
but I shall be returning for another shot when they are in bloom.

Oilseed Rape just coming into flower in the valley at North Ormsby. 

A typical Wolds view near Wold Newton showing the chalky nature of the soil.

Greater Celandine with Bluebells about to flower in the background.
These Bluebells have mutated and always have white flowers!

Lunaria (common Name Honesty) flowers.

New Beech Leaves.

The well photographed Post Box at Grainsby.

St Nocholas' Church at Grainsby.

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