Sunday 3 June 2018


Biscathorpe is another hidden gem in the Lincolnshire Wolds.  It's a shallow valley with a pure chalk stream running through it, the only buildings are a house, recently converted into a holiday cottage and a derelict church adjacent to it.
The chalk stream meanders across the road running through the valley and in two places creates fords which can be problematic for vehicles in times of prolonged rain.  Something I know to my cost!

Approaching one of the fords.

In times of flood, these fords can be a challenge.

The holiday cottage, my daughter's friends were staying here when we visited.

The church is very ornate but unfortunately hemmed in by trees 
and very definitely locked!

If I can find out who's looking after this church I hope to get permission to photograph inside.

Olympus EM5ii with 12-60mm Leica Lens.

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