Monday 17 December 2018

Spout Yard, Louth in Lincolnshire.

I'm continuing my strolls around the market town of Louth to find a few less visited spots, this time I'm at Spout Yard.
Spout Yard is a small walled park with toilets, a children's play area and a gallery where local artists have exhibitions. A friend of ours, Ann Harris, was holding an art exhibition there the day I took these photographs. There is a collection of small, attractive houses too. 

I can't find any information that explains it's name but quite close by is a row of houses called "Spring Terrace" so the area must have been a source of water for residents many years ago.  Also, the River Ludd runs right past it on it's way to the Riverhead.

Through an archway is the entrance to Spout Yard, this area has several cottage dwellings.

This is the entrance to the walled garden, a much newer development.

"Spout Yard" walled garden.  St. James church can be seen through the mist and the 
smaller building immediately in front of the church is the Gallery. 

The River Ludd skirts around the garden.

Nature has colonised this wall alongside the river.

Over a bridge, out of the walled garden, brings visitors to this grand house.
(Complete with wheely bins!)

More evidence of nature benefitting in Spout Yard.

In one corner I found some leaf composting bins and this bright letter box (?)

Olympus EM10 Mk2 + m12-100 Pro Lens.

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