Sunday 16 August 2020

A few pics in B&W

 It's been a while since I last posted as I've not been able to take any new pics.  Still not going out yet .  So I didn't want to recycle any more pics, at least not as they have been seen before.  I've been converting a few pictures to black & white for my Flickr site so have selected a few for a blog post.   

(There's a link to my Flickr site at top right of this blog.)

Ferris wheel at the Armed Forces Day, evening celebrations.

Winter up on the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Yorkshire Cobbles at North landing on the Yorkshire coast.

Cisterngate, Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire.

"Old Town" at Hull.

"Taking a break".


At a visiting funfair.

Various cameras & times.


  1. These are marvelous images, David, some of my favorites yet since I love B/W photography. You have selected not only great subjects that lend themselves well to the editing, but you have strong lines and excellent contrast which make these particularly appealing. I can see these printed and framed on a contemporary coffee shop wall, just perfect! It’s where I find some of the best and most interesting photography here. Well done!

    1. Thank you Ann, always appreciate your comments. For many years I had my own darkroom and produced b&w exhibition prints, but could never muster any enthusiasm for b&w digital images. The Covid restrictions have made me look for something to occupy my time so I've been trying various routes to get images that resembled my prints.

  2. Superb, love the Hull photos and the expression on the man vaping.
    Hope you are getting on okay with the new Blogger format.

    1. Thank you Mike, yes I'm finding this new Blogger format quite an improvement. They keep tweaking it though, but I'm pleased they've resorted to the older process for importing images. Once I got to grips with all the icons, and what they did, I found it is actually an improvement. Which isn't always the case. 😯