Friday 21 August 2020

Patio Pictures in the rain.

 A few pictures taken on a rainy day.

After the heatwave, rain.

Patio Rose.

Begonia "Illumination Trailing".  A favourite.

Suffering Sunflowers. 
The wind didn't help but I suspect something is eating the roots.
Vine Weavel Larvae?

Male Blackbird feeding his young.  Blurred, I know.

Now he keeps still!

Late at night, let Suzi out and the security light came on.

Olympus EM10 + 25mm Prime lens.


  1. Stunning! I love a garden in the rain and you have captured the intensity of the colors so well on the grey day. I love the sunflower against that sky, the adorable birds and the perfect detail of the rose. These all show the interesting variation in a photo that can occur when the light is low. Excellent!

    1. I discovered recently that photographing flowers can often be better on dull days. Perhaps not rainy days but certainly bright, cloudy days. Bright sunshine can create highlights and reflections on petals and colours are not so saturated. I think my theory is borne out on these two Rose images.
      The Blackbirds have been nesting & raising their young in our garden all summer, the same pair have had three separate nests. Suzi tends to chase the fledglings if she sees them so we've been busy keeping her away as much as possible.
      Thank you for commenting Ann.

  2. It certainly rained for a while! Super photos though, David, the roses are lovely and great to see the blackbirds. Always something to enjoy in a garden whatever the weather or season.

  3. Thank you for commenting Mike. The rose was a "Patio Rose" bought for my wife last year. I kept it over winter, re-potted it in the Spring and it has reverted back to it's normal size and type.