Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Lincolnshire Images.

 A few images taken around our local area in Lincolnshire.

This old agricultural building is being renovated.

St. Nicholas Church, Grainsby.

Even Dandelions can be attractive, seen along a Lincolnshire lane.

New leaves emerging on a Horse Chestnut tree.

Ivy leaves.

One of the locals keeping an eye on me!

Olympus EM1 ii + 12-100 Pro lens.


  1. I find the photo of the cow to be stunningly beautiful, and that might seem odd, but as someone who loves to watch them, this photo strikes me. The misty background, the lush and green softness of the vegetation, the contrast and horizontal lines of the barbed wire and of course the curious and expressive face of the cow all make for a wonderful image. All of your photos here do a wonderful job of showing the spring beauty of you area. Well done!

  2. These are the areas we walk our Suzi and I don't know who the cows are more interested in, her or us.
    Restrictions are due to be removed in England on the 21st of June. Don't know if we'll venture further though, we'll need to build our confidence. I wonder if you feel the same?
    Thanks for your comments and interest Ann, as ever, appreciated.

    1. The restrictions here are for the most part lifted except some businesses are still requiring masks, which is fine with me. We are making a very gradual reentey, doing one thing each day. For example, going to a store for a few minutes, eating outside on a restaurant patio, etc. We have never liked crowds, so avoiding them now is easy. Even though fully vaccinated people are at minimum risk, it still will take awhile to build confidence because at our ages we are always somewhat vulnerable and likely don’t recover as quickly from even minor illnesses. Take care!

  3. Like your choice of subjects the fence, dandelions, twigs etc - and of course the cow! You create some lovely images.
    Feels wrong today - sunshine on a Bank Holiday!

    1. Yes, Bank Holidays are not meant to be sunny! Thanks Mike.